National Insect Week 20-26 June 2016


In order to celebrate this week as your “National” Insect Week, you need to be located in Great Britain [1], but the entomologists –  “who happened to be Catholic” – featured in this slideshow  from our colleagues at Catholic Lab (on twitter: @catholiclab) come from different countries.

Here is more about Agostini Bassi, the “Father of Insect Pathology; Pierre André Latreille, a priest during the French Revolution who discovered a rare beetle and came free from prison; Jean-Henri Fabre who influenced Charles Darwin and who remained skeptical to Darwin’s theory of evolution;  Henri Mouhot who travelled South East Asia dedicated to the study of Natural Sciences; Johann Dzierzon, a Catholic priest and discoverer of parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction without fertilization) in bees; Erich Wasmann, SJ, who studied ants and termites and was a promoter of Catholic acceptance of evolution;  Thomas Borgmeier, a Franciscan priest working in Brazil, and Karl Kehrle, also known as ‘Brother Adam’, a Benedictine monk, beekeeper and developer of the ‘Buckfast bee’.


[1] National Insect Week 2016

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