The god of the Astronomers and the true God


In a recent article on Catholic Link, Mauricio Artiedo writes:

The god of the Astronomers

This god is as beautiful as the moon. His followers contemplate him with admiration and respect, especially at night, perhaps with a sincere prayer before sleep, but after that his presence in their daily lives is merely decorative. And it is not that these faithful men do not believe in him. It is not that they do not know that he incarnated and gave his life to redeem us from sin. They also know about the moon and have the certainty that some gravitational factors that allow life on Earth depend on her. That is not the problem. The point is that the god of the astronomers does not come down, he does not become concrete, nor does he get involved in the lives of others, and his mysteries belong to the past.

These believers are a very particular and sad race: they believe they have been redeemed, but they do not live as redeemed people; they believe they are loved, but they do not feel loved; they believe that the Eucharist is the body of the Living God, but in practice, he is dead.

For God’s sake, someone talk to them about Providence or about Grace! Talk to them about the saints, who radiate God’s love for the world, or talk to them about the sacraments as a real and effective encounter with Christ. Remind them that because of the Cross, our lives have been transformed, that now we are children of God, and that God is concretely present in the reality of our daily lives, in the tears and the smiles, in the frustrations and in the moments of joy, and not in the abstract, in the cold, the future, or in a simple reminiscence.

Maybe if we tell them all this, one of them may decide to put down the telescope and will try to believe in the God of Life. But do not be surprised if none of them does it, because a “telescope faith” is not always the fruit of ignorance; many times it is a conscious decision taken by those who are afraid that their closeness to God may interrupt the rhythm they have set for their lives. Who knows if their fears are well-founded, maybe God just wanted to get closer to kiss them on the forehead and take away that painful sensation of abandonment that overwhelms them. We will never know. C’est la vie.


On our Journey to God,  there lies a subtle temptation: the temptation of ignoring the Living God, and instead – many times inadvertently – to  create our own custom-made god. Another interesting concept is  “the god of the philosophers” :

The god of the philosophers

He is a wise and very demanding god. What matters to him is that his followers understand him, know his story, admire his dogmas, and have an orthodox theology; all according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church of course. *

The followers of this donnish divinity have heard much about god, but they have never talked with God. Their speeches are correct, even beautiful, but insipid, as if they were being read, not lived. And this is exactly what has happened, because these men have converted the tabernacle of prayer into an occasion for learning, not for loving.

They believe they love god because they know about him, but no matter how sophisticated human logic is, it is not enough to measure the magnificence of God. This is when our good students get frustrated… it is difficult for them to understand that the best method to study Love, is love itself; and they get uncomfortable because they discover that they are not willing to change if it implies the need to renounce the certainties that knowledge has given them. They believed they were studying the infinity and omnipotence of God, but, in reality, they only knew the dwarf god that their pretentious intelligence had created.

   *  if you are not Catholic, just think on the Creed of Nicea that we Christians
      all have in common.

In order to encounter the Living God that has manifested Himself in Jesus Christ, we need to listen to His Word and seek Him in prayer. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6) .

Read the whole article. You will enjoy it …..

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